Cape Town Gives You A Rich Tropical Travel Experience To Savor

Cape Town in South Africa offers a buoyant experience of its colorful landscape and culture. The mountains that harbor the white, sandy beaches, bustling waterfronts at the bay areas and beautiful vineyards are a few of the attractions you can find at this place. Known as the Mother City, it is not hard to see why it is ranked as one of the beautiful cities on a global scale. It is also known as a foodie destination. Hence, if you love to try new cuisine that has flavors incorporated from a colonial and French past that is what you will get in this city.

The mountains that surround Cape Town are flat and appear larger than life, a reason why they are called Table Mountains. It has rich flora and fauna to showcase with over 9000 fynbos species to be found here. That is not the only natural attraction here. Within the city limits you will find the Company’s Gardens, Green Point Park and Kirstenbosch Gardens, which are mini versions of Central Parks in the city.

If you drive out of the city limits the drive to Chapman’s Peak is a scenic experience. As it takes you along the Atlantic Coast, you will be enjoying stopping by Hout Bay, where a fishing village greets you by the Mount Sentinel. You can plan to stay at a resort by the Clifton and Camps Bay, where beaches are lined by palm trees and the turquoise waves splashing against the beach can be viewed forever. It is also called Little Miami with four coves lying between granite boulders where beach activities, eateries and shacks are present.

The beaches have distinct cultural vibes to offer. For instance, if you stop by Simons Town the Boulders Beach here has three thousand penguins. You can take a boat trip to the V&A waterfront where visitors can go to Robben Island and visit the site where Nelson Mandela had been imprisoned. With bright and colored beach huts that litter Muizenberg, there are Victorian style restorations to check out at Seapoint and Greenpoint. You can also stay at City Bowl and enjoy the nightlife here. To ensure that you have captured the region in its full flavor, do not forget the vineyards here.

Dar Es Salaam Gives You Amazing Access To Tanzania

If you wish to explore Tanzania then there is no city more ideal to plan a stopover than Dar Es Salaam. It started as a small fishing village at Mzizima which has disappeared nearly but remnants of it can still be found by the waterfront. This seaside city will find quaint, villages that dot the waterfronts and fishermen who barter with street vendors at the local marketplaces. This is one flavor of Dar Es Salaam as are other more modern and urban flavors to experience.

It is known to be the capital city of the country and its cultural and commercial activities are varied. If you are a traveler here you will be spoilt for choice with the accommodation options that are open for you. The people who live here have roots in African, Arabic and Indian communities.  The city also has international and ethnic cuisine offerings. Visitors who stop by at the museums will find interesting cultural and historical insights at these places.

The Oyster Bay district is particularly affluent and trendy. Here also you will find the beautiful beaches of the city. Besides the beaches and city based attractions comprising of interesting eateries and nightlife destinations, this place also serves as a gateway into the natural wonders of the country such as Zanzibar islands, Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Serengiti with its renowned National Park. If you stay back and explore the city further, you will find its cosmopolitan and chaotic urban air lined with the communal flavors of the people who live here. Experience the local culture and walk the streets, try the street food or simply watch the crowds that throng the marketplaces.

You can head to the Northern Safari Circuit from here, which leads to Serengeti National Park. One can also witness the spectacle that is found at the Ngorongoro Crater, which you can combine with a climb up to Mount Kilimanjaro. After your stay in the city for a while you can head to the coast or visit the Zanzibar Islands. If you go further south of the country, there are the Ruaha Game and Selous Reserves to be found.

Windhoek is a Gateway to the Best of Namibia

The best way to explore what is unique about the different African countries is to choose to visit their unique cities that represent their history and culture in the best way. Windhoek is a proclaimed city of the country of Namibia. It is also a gateway to other places in the country and acts as legislative and administrative center of the country. The city, however, has a horde of attractions to showcase to visitors as well.

The city is a melting pot of culture. Travelers will find people of different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds living here such as Afrikaans, Nama, San, Buster, Damara, Owambo, Kavango and even Germans. The city has several buildings that showcase German architecture as is evidence of many streets here having German names. This capital city has all the amenities and luxuries that tourists can expect in a modern urban landscape, but it is close to the African wildlife wonders of the country as well.

When you take a short drive out of the city you will find the widespread Savannah grasslands. Here there are several wildlife reserves where you can choose your choice of activities or safari events as well as accommodation of your choice by the wilderness. You can choose to live in luxury or take part in authentic backpacking experiences. There is an international airport that is about 45 km from Windhoek, known as the Hosea Kutako International Airport. It is a hub for flights that come in from different destinations including Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Cape Town and others.

Christ Church is a landmark church to see in Windhoek. Built in the early part of the twentieth century, the clock tower and its stained glass windows are its main architectural aspects. Alte Feste can be your next stop when you are seeing all the tourist attractions in the city. It is an old fortress which houses a national museum and there is a famous statue depicting a soldier on a horse. Being close to the grasslands you can discover the game trails and wildlife at the Daan Viljoen Game Reserve.

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