London: Experience The City Of Dreams In Your Vacation


Who hasn’t heard, dreamt or at the least seen those beautiful scenes in movies flashing the beauty and aura of London. Spread over an area of 1572km2, this magnificent place has history, culture and is filled with all-time relished delicacies.

We took no time to realize why it is one of the most visited, the largest financial center of the world and often called the world’s cultural capital.

We stepped our foot here through the world’s largest city airport system. On researching we found out that London has five major airports for commercial use, three cruise and port ways for ferry and minimum ten railways terminus stations in the mainline to go around or about the UK.

Places to visit

  • London is one of the synonyms for royalty and residences were in summers from late July through September happens to be the best time to visit the residences like Buckingham, Kew Palace and Clarence house.
  • When talking about the busiest times of the year, it’s going to be around Christmas, but we can’t forget the hottest deals and sales in London that comes around the summer months. We can’t help but go raid Bicester Village when shopping, filled with all sorts of well-known brands at somewhat lower rates.
  • Few places which we cannot forget recommending are St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Shakespeare’s Globe and  National Gallery among the dozens.
  • There are hundreds of different accommodations that are available for tourists for different budgets, but the common trap that many fall for is considering the best hotel as the one with the highest star rating.
  • It is a MUST to note that the star ratings anywhere around the UK are not given on the basis of how clean a hotel is kept, but on what services it gives to its customers.
  • The best budget stays are the Bed And Breakfast hotels usually designed in 4,5 or 6 storied with Victorian terrace where in you and your luggage have safe place for the night as e.g. Euston/Kings Cross/St Pancras with Travelodge, Ibis, Comfort Inn or Premier Inn.

Though being one of the most popular and worth to go places at least once in a lifetime, the average one day cost as a traveler are pretty high considering the stronghold of the British pound to that of the Dollar.