Asilah – The City That Shines

Image result for Asilah CityThis is one of the most artistic cities I have ever visited, every single wall is decorated with vibrant graffiti and murals, and is based alongside the water coastlines the whole view of the city becomes incredibly scenic. Driving through the roads alongside the rivers will give you the feels you are looking for. The atmosphere of the city is pretty ancient with fabricated streets and with multicultural diversification. You can tour around the city on foot and explore everything calmly. The city is the smallest around Morocco. The monuments and palaces here are traditionally architectured and are a very pleasant sight. Here are some of my recommendations.

Asilah Festival

This is one of the most traditional and famous festivals celebrated all around Morocco. The festival is all about celebrating the arts and crafts the city has to offer. It is only these festivals that bring more than thousands of international visitors in town every season. The festival brings more energy in this Leisure City and makes the ambiance livelier for its visitors. The festivals provide opportunities for artists to display their work. The festival can last as long as a fortnight to almost a month longer. You can even buy the arts that you find beautiful for yourself. The artists even create their crafts and murals live which are fascinating to be seen.

Port Xiv

The most popular restaurant around Asilah serves you contemporary food but with all the ancient and traditional ingredients. The restaurant is located right along the coastline of the port and is an open roof restaurant which offers you good food, incredible ambiance and that cool sea breeze just going across your face, making your dining experience even more worth it. The kitchen for the restaurant is an open plan kitchen so that you can actually watch the preparation of your cuisine. It is a must visit.