Batangas – Port and Gateway City

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Batangas City, as I came across this place in my travels across the Philippines, is known to be one of the first-tier cities of the country. It is essentially a port city, being an industrial hub and hence of little interest for tourists. However, it has a unique charm and can help one to travel to nearby sightseeing places.

City Places

The main place of attraction that warrants a visit is a port which has extensive setup and infrastructure to boast of. I took a ferry ride from the port which also takes you to nearby ports and harbors such as Romblon and Mindoro.

Nearby Sightseeing

I discovered several day trips that I could take from Batangas. A popular one is to explore Taal volcano. You can take a guided tour as I did, being picked up from my hotel and taken to the volcano for an organized trek. The drive gives a pleasant view of the countryside and I had to take a boat to get to the volcano. It is located on an island and our trek group explored the lava landscape here. There are great views to enjoy from the top, of the island and the lake.

Tagaytay is also close by, known as a holiday town by the Taal Lake. It is located on the ridges of the volcano island; I made a day trip here which covered Park in the Sky, a unique space created around the presidential mansion. I also enjoyed a walk in the Picnic Grove here which has several walking trails as well.

Eateries to Stop by

There are interesting eateries to explore here; indeed, I also discovered Cabins, an eco-hotel which was on our way to Taal Lake and offered Mexican cuisine. Villas is another hotel where I found the best of Filipino cuisine in Batangas.