Amazing Places in Aurora You Cannot Afford to Miss

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Aurora in Colorado is famous for its energetic and vibrant nature. What attracted me to the destination is that it is full of attractions that are unique and all the activities here are one-of-a-kind. If you are looking for a weekend getaway to enjoy in a relaxed manner, plan your next trip to Aurora. Some of the places that you should not miss in Aurora are mentioned below.

The Aurora Reservoir

The famous reservoir at Aurora is spread across an area of more than 31000 acres and is divided into Lone Tree, Senac, and Marina. Apart from the stunning green views and leisure area, it also provides drinking water to the residents of Aurora city. You can go jogging or hiking if you love adventure. I preferred boating and fishing over other activities for relaxation.

The Morrison Nature Centre

The Morrison Nature Centre is another must-visit place in Aurora. You can know more about the exceptional natural habitats especially of The Centennial State from the workshops and exhibitions held there. I tried feeding birds there for the very first time which was really thrilling. I also thoroughly enjoyed the bird watching experience.

The Plains Conservation Centre

It is a natural area that was specially designed by the state in the year 1949 for providing outdoor education. It was mainly designed to conserve two of the famous grass creatures of The Centennial State- the pronghorns and wild prairie dogs. As a history enthusiast, it was an amazing experience for me to visit this place.

The Quincy Reservoir

If you are planning to visit Aurora from March to November, then you cannot miss visiting the Quincy Reservoir of the city. This 160-acre water body is popular for family and friend outings. You can arrange a picnic at one of the designated spots. I walked past the trails while watching the splendid collection of flora and fauna over there.