Dar Es Salaam Gives You Amazing Access To Tanzania

If you wish to explore Tanzania then there is no city more ideal to plan a stopover than Dar Es Salaam. It started as a small fishing village at Mzizima which has disappeared nearly but remnants of it can still be found by the waterfront. This seaside city will find quaint, villages that dot the waterfronts and fishermen who barter with street vendors at the local marketplaces. This is one flavor of Dar Es Salaam as are other more modern and urban flavors to experience.

It is known to be the capital city of the country and its cultural and commercial activities are varied. If you are a traveler here you will be spoilt for choice with the accommodation options that are open for you. The people who live here have roots in African, Arabic and Indian communities.  The city also has international and ethnic cuisine offerings. Visitors who stop by at the museums will find interesting cultural and historical insights at these places.

The Oyster Bay district is particularly affluent and trendy. Here also you will find the beautiful beaches of the city. Besides the beaches and city based attractions comprising of interesting eateries and nightlife destinations, this place also serves as a gateway into the natural wonders of the country such as Zanzibar islands, Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Serengiti with its renowned National Park. If you stay back and explore the city further, you will find its cosmopolitan and chaotic urban air lined with the communal flavors of the people who live here. Experience the local culture and walk the streets, try the street food or simply watch the crowds that throng the marketplaces.

You can head to the Northern Safari Circuit from here, which leads to Serengeti National Park. One can also witness the spectacle that is found at the Ngorongoro Crater, which you can combine with a climb up to Mount Kilimanjaro. After your stay in the city for a while you can head to the coast or visit the Zanzibar Islands. If you go further south of the country, there are the Ruaha Game and Selous Reserves to be found.