Istanbul: Beautiful Times Await At Istanbul

What comes to your mind when we talk about Turkey?

Well, personally, to me there are two things that come to my mind or maybe three I believe. The Turkish tea, kebabs/cuisine  and the anecdotes of one of my silly guy friends from Serbia-a country which is a part of the Balkan region which I relate to Ćevapi and Rakia Booze, chirping about a date with a Turkish beauty, complete with Turkish coffee most probably in his donut dreams.

Istanbul has many districts with overwhelming activities to do that might leave you running short of time according to your planned trip schedule.

Places to visit?

The old city, Sultanahmet is considerably the most popular tourist destination in Istanbul due to the various landmarks like Sophia, Topkapi Palace Basilica cistern along with the blue mosque and the best part about this is the proximity to each other which can be easily covered walking. Grand bazaar is the right place for the shopaholics since it has almost everything that is desirable by a buyer. When talking about the best view of this amazing city filled with culture and magnificent glory, we recommend to check out the secret viewpoint at Būyūk Valide Han which take allows you view the whole city at a very nominal small fee.

Obviously, one won’t desire to be stuck at a stay where the place is dull and lacks any happenings or chill nightlife, hence find a stay that is near Taksim square.

When to visit?

Istanbul is perfect to visit around the times of spring, fall and early summer as the temperatures are significantly bearable.


The public transportation system gives a helping hand to shank’s mare at considerable rates wherein you can even get a transport pass for efficient travels without hassles.

Some cool things you should try when visiting the Ottoman city is trying out Baklava, Döner Kebab, Boreks, Iskender Kebap, Manti or the Turkish tea, visit the fortune teller who reads the future in your coffee cup.

You can get around this place mostly with buses or cabs and it won’t be a bad idea to hire an overnight bus for night pullovers which tends to save a bit.

Lastly, when talking about the safety issues that have always been a triggering question for the travelers, like always it is advised to be backed with an insurance and stay intact with embassies along with staying away from danger zones.