Matera: This Trip Is Sure To Be Stunning For You

We had a stunning trip to Matera situated in Basilicata, Italy. It may look like a small Italian town with churches and the citizens strolling around. We stayed in a small cave hotel – AnticoConvicino. One may prefer to stay at La Corte B&B. The city was tagged as the UNESCO World Heritage site in 1993. The glorious city has breathtaking landscapes and skylines. The city has a vivid past and present and is apparent to a living time machine. We had our dinner the Caveoso.  The dried Lucani Peppers, along with the bread and salads are famous here. It is recommended to try Lonza which is a form of pork buttered as sushi. Then we had the organic gelato at the Lounge Caffe. It had creamy textures and with cream and pasta.

Matera is on a ravine. Its topography is ideal if you want to go for a hike. We visited what is a mini version of Grand Canyon. Then we visited the Chiesa San Pietro. It gives a fascinating picture of the city. We savored a lot of Italian dishes.

Matera has been designated the 2019 European Capital of Culture in Italy. The best time to visit is during the spring and autumns. It has approximately 58,000 inhabitants after having an espresso at the Bar Tavola Calda.

One can access this place from all major cities of Italy if you know the rules and timings of the local transportation which is again not difficult. This place is best visited during the summer and autumn months when the weather will be perfect for moving around. Plus, make sure that you move around with foot or cycle at the maximum and not take a vehicle because that will be the best way to capture the essence of the place.