Vienna: This Austrian City Promises The Perfect Vacation


Imagine yourself sitting in a little coffee-house sipping a cup of fancy cappuccino and when you look out of the window, all you see is the beautiful Baroque style architecture. That is how I felt during my trip to Vienna. This federal capital of Austria is a must visit destination if you love historical art, music and architecture.


The royal splendor of Vienna is a heritage of the powerful Hapsburg monarchy. The beautiful Baroque style architecture left me spell bound while I was coming around the streets of Vienna. The Hofburg Palace, which includes the Burgkapelle (Imperial Chapel) and the Spanish Riding School are a few of the great experiences of Vienna. The baroque Schools Belvedere is another enormous palace.  Sarah, a friend who runs has a passion for beautiful palaces throughout Europe and said this is a beautiful place worth visiting with its rich history and amazing views.

Vienna is a place filled with masterpieces and one cannot ignore the darling museums of the city. The Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, has the glorious art collection and is adorned with priceless works also containing one of the world’s richest coin collections. The Leopold Museum showcasing the 19th and 20th century Austrian art and the works of avant – garde at the contemporary MUMOK are the other two places that shouldn’t be missed. A fun fact – these two places were the former imperial stables that were converted into museums.


Vienna has a musical heritage is known as the City of Music. I experienced many performances in the city which filled my soul. The interactive exhibits at the fascinating Haus Der Musik museum are another beautiful experience.

Drink and dine

Known for its coffee-house culture, Vienna has ’n’ number of places to dine. You can find spectacular cakes and fine wines around the city. Since the city is glorious already, the posh dining restaurants are another deal maker.

The stay

You can find many budget hotels and guest houses in the city and enjoy the beauty of its street escape. Vienna, all-in-all, was a wonderful experience for me.

Batangas – Port and Gateway City

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Batangas City, as I came across this place in my travels across the Philippines, is known to be one of the first-tier cities of the country. It is essentially a port city, being an industrial hub and hence of little interest for tourists. However, it has a unique charm and can help one to travel to nearby sightseeing places.

City Places

The main place of attraction that warrants a visit is a port which has extensive setup and infrastructure to boast of. I took a ferry ride from the port which also takes you to nearby ports and harbors such as Romblon and Mindoro.

Nearby Sightseeing

I discovered several day trips that I could take from Batangas. A popular one is to explore Taal volcano. You can take a guided tour as I did, being picked up from my hotel and taken to the volcano for an organized trek. The drive gives a pleasant view of the countryside and I had to take a boat to get to the volcano. It is located on an island and our trek group explored the lava landscape here. There are great views to enjoy from the top, of the island and the lake.

Tagaytay is also close by, known as a holiday town by the Taal Lake. It is located on the ridges of the volcano island; I made a day trip here which covered Park in the Sky, a unique space created around the presidential mansion. I also enjoyed a walk in the Picnic Grove here which has several walking trails as well.

Eateries to Stop by

There are interesting eateries to explore here; indeed, I also discovered Cabins, an eco-hotel which was on our way to Taal Lake and offered Mexican cuisine. Villas is another hotel where I found the best of Filipino cuisine in Batangas.

Asilah – The City That Shines

Image result for Asilah CityThis is one of the most artistic cities I have ever visited, every single wall is decorated with vibrant graffiti and murals, and is based alongside the water coastlines the whole view of the city becomes incredibly scenic. Driving through the roads alongside the rivers will give you the feels you are looking for. The atmosphere of the city is pretty ancient with fabricated streets and with multicultural diversification. You can tour around the city on foot and explore everything calmly. The city is the smallest around Morocco. The monuments and palaces here are traditionally architectured and are a very pleasant sight. Here are some of my recommendations.

Asilah Festival

This is one of the most traditional and famous festivals celebrated all around Morocco. The festival is all about celebrating the arts and crafts the city has to offer. It is only these festivals that bring more than thousands of international visitors in town every season. The festival brings more energy in this Leisure City and makes the ambiance livelier for its visitors. The festivals provide opportunities for artists to display their work. The festival can last as long as a fortnight to almost a month longer. You can even buy the arts that you find beautiful for yourself. The artists even create their crafts and murals live which are fascinating to be seen.

Port Xiv

The most popular restaurant around Asilah serves you contemporary food but with all the ancient and traditional ingredients. The restaurant is located right along the coastline of the port and is an open roof restaurant which offers you good food, incredible ambiance and that cool sea breeze just going across your face, making your dining experience even more worth it. The kitchen for the restaurant is an open plan kitchen so that you can actually watch the preparation of your cuisine. It is a must visit.

Paderborn: Exploring The City With Medieval Richness

Charlemagne, the first of the Holy Roman Emperor is known to be the founder of Paderborn. This city is much ignored by the tourist but it has so many things to offer. I found Paderborn to be a city of medieval wonders. You will be surprised to know that in the tenth century, this city had been chosen as the place Henry II, the Holy Roman Emperor was going to set up his residence. When you visit the city, there are a few things that you can do.

Paderborn Cathedral

This had been the site for a church from the time a bishopric had been discovered by Charlemagne in the eighth century. I was truly mesmerized by the architectural display of the cathedral. It showcases both Gothic and Romanesque architecture that had been completed in the thirteenth century. The most famous image of this place is the western tower that is 93 meters long. You should definitely not miss out on this.

Heinz Nixdorf Museumsforum

Believe it or not, this is the largest computer museum which you will find in the world. You will be able to collect a lot of information in here regarding communication technology. The places houses over 2000 exhibits. Isn’t that amazing?

Erzbischöfliches Diözesanmuseum Paderborn

This museum is a place where I found all sacred art from 900-1900s. This is the oldest one is this German-speaking world. Being established in 1853 like a repository for all the liturgical world, there hadn’t been any place in the churches of the diocese. The museum had been shifted to a new building in the year 1975 which looks like a treasure box that had been developed at the tower’s southwest corner. If you are a lover of medieval art like me then you should surely visit this place.

Matera: This Trip Is Sure To Be Stunning For You

We had a stunning trip to Matera situated in Basilicata, Italy. It may look like a small Italian town with churches and the citizens strolling around. We stayed in a small cave hotel – AnticoConvicino. One may prefer to stay at La Corte B&B. The city was tagged as the UNESCO World Heritage site in 1993. The glorious city has breathtaking landscapes and skylines. The city has a vivid past and present and is apparent to a living time machine. We had our dinner the Caveoso.  The dried Lucani Peppers, along with the bread and salads are famous here. It is recommended to try Lonza which is a form of pork buttered as sushi. Then we had the organic gelato at the Lounge Caffe. It had creamy textures and with cream and pasta.

Matera is on a ravine. Its topography is ideal if you want to go for a hike. We visited what is a mini version of Grand Canyon. Then we visited the Chiesa San Pietro. It gives a fascinating picture of the city. We savored a lot of Italian dishes.

Matera has been designated the 2019 European Capital of Culture in Italy. The best time to visit is during the spring and autumns. It has approximately 58,000 inhabitants after having an espresso at the Bar Tavola Calda.

One can access this place from all major cities of Italy if you know the rules and timings of the local transportation which is again not difficult. This place is best visited during the summer and autumn months when the weather will be perfect for moving around. Plus, make sure that you move around with foot or cycle at the maximum and not take a vehicle because that will be the best way to capture the essence of the place.

London: Experience The City Of Dreams In Your Vacation


Who hasn’t heard, dreamt or at the least seen those beautiful scenes in movies flashing the beauty and aura of London. Spread over an area of 1572km2, this magnificent place has history, culture and is filled with all-time relished delicacies.

We took no time to realize why it is one of the most visited, the largest financial center of the world and often called the world’s cultural capital.

We stepped our foot here through the world’s largest city airport system. On researching we found out that London has five major airports for commercial use, three cruise and port ways for ferry and minimum ten railways terminus stations in the mainline to go around or about the UK.

Places to visit

  • London is one of the synonyms for royalty and residences were in summers from late July through September happens to be the best time to visit the residences like Buckingham, Kew Palace and Clarence house.
  • When talking about the busiest times of the year, it’s going to be around Christmas, but we can’t forget the hottest deals and sales in London that comes around the summer months. We can’t help but go raid Bicester Village when shopping, filled with all sorts of well-known brands at somewhat lower rates.
  • Few places which we cannot forget recommending are St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Shakespeare’s Globe and  National Gallery among the dozens.
  • There are hundreds of different accommodations that are available for tourists for different budgets, but the common trap that many fall for is considering the best hotel as the one with the highest star rating.
  • It is a MUST to note that the star ratings anywhere around the UK are not given on the basis of how clean a hotel is kept, but on what services it gives to its customers.
  • The best budget stays are the Bed And Breakfast hotels usually designed in 4,5 or 6 storied with Victorian terrace where in you and your luggage have safe place for the night as e.g. Euston/Kings Cross/St Pancras with Travelodge, Ibis, Comfort Inn or Premier Inn.

Though being one of the most popular and worth to go places at least once in a lifetime, the average one day cost as a traveler are pretty high considering the stronghold of the British pound to that of the Dollar.

Istanbul: Beautiful Times Await At Istanbul

What comes to your mind when we talk about Turkey?

Well, personally, to me there are two things that come to my mind or maybe three I believe. The Turkish tea, kebabs/cuisine  and the anecdotes of one of my silly guy friends from Serbia-a country which is a part of the Balkan region which I relate to Ćevapi and Rakia Booze, chirping about a date with a Turkish beauty, complete with Turkish coffee most probably in his donut dreams.

Istanbul has many districts with overwhelming activities to do that might leave you running short of time according to your planned trip schedule.

Places to visit?

The old city, Sultanahmet is considerably the most popular tourist destination in Istanbul due to the various landmarks like Sophia, Topkapi Palace Basilica cistern along with the blue mosque and the best part about this is the proximity to each other which can be easily covered walking. Grand bazaar is the right place for the shopaholics since it has almost everything that is desirable by a buyer. When talking about the best view of this amazing city filled with culture and magnificent glory, we recommend to check out the secret viewpoint at Būyūk Valide Han which take allows you view the whole city at a very nominal small fee.

Obviously, one won’t desire to be stuck at a stay where the place is dull and lacks any happenings or chill nightlife, hence find a stay that is near Taksim square.

When to visit?

Istanbul is perfect to visit around the times of spring, fall and early summer as the temperatures are significantly bearable.


The public transportation system gives a helping hand to shank’s mare at considerable rates wherein you can even get a transport pass for efficient travels without hassles.

Some cool things you should try when visiting the Ottoman city is trying out Baklava, Döner Kebab, Boreks, Iskender Kebap, Manti or the Turkish tea, visit the fortune teller who reads the future in your coffee cup.

You can get around this place mostly with buses or cabs and it won’t be a bad idea to hire an overnight bus for night pullovers which tends to save a bit.

Lastly, when talking about the safety issues that have always been a triggering question for the travelers, like always it is advised to be backed with an insurance and stay intact with embassies along with staying away from danger zones.

Madrid: Come Live The Colors Of Madrid

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is known to be the golden metropolis for its rich culinary, sheer energy and art culture. From its lively nightlife, beautiful architectures to world famous arts, Madrid has more than a few reasons to be in your travel bucket list. It’s one of the many culinary capitals of Europe.

Where to go?

The Gran Vía, which was built at the beginning of the 20th century, is a place for shopping, leisure and hotels, which means I experienced some good food, great shopping and some really nice art stuffs. The Paseo de La Castellana crosses the city from north to south, and has some of the most elegant hotels in the city, as well as corporate offices in modern and avant-garde buildings. Although Madrid is home to a truly outstanding architectural heritage, there is no question that its greatest artistic wealth is found in its art galleries mostly.

The Prado is home to works by artists such as Hieronymus Bosch, Rubens, Goya, Velazquez, Murillo, Fra Angelico, Botticelli, Titian, Raphael, Watteau, Tintoretto, El Greco, Ribera, Zurbarán, and many more, in addition to a magnificent collection of classical sculpture. I recommend the Prado Museum that offers private guided tours for groups, outside opening hours, to make your encounter with art an unforgettable experience.

The city has a very energetic and lively nightlife, so roaming around the streets with your folks, trying out the street foods and local jewelry or finery shops are another you need to do. Each of Madrid’s 21 districts has its own style, vibe and culture. From the hipster cafés of Malasaña to the centuries-old plazas of La Latina, there is a neighborhood for every taste and mood in Madrid.



  • Local cuisine


  • Taberna Mas Al Sur
  • Algarabia
  • Restaurant Vina P


  • Fine dining


  • Mr Lupin
  • Sinatra Ya
  • Cebo
  • San Miguel Market

Where to stay?

Here I would like to mention that some hotels have free Wi-Fi and breakfast system. Ask around and you may get lucky.

The main avenues of downtown Madrid are packed with luxury hotels while this neighborhood’s side streets hide a wealth of guest apartments and youth hostels. The Posada Del Dragon Hotel is a gorgeous space in one of Madrid’s old reformed buildings. It also has a tasty tapas bar.

Cape Town Gives You A Rich Tropical Travel Experience To Savor

Cape Town in South Africa offers a buoyant experience of its colorful landscape and culture. The mountains that harbor the white, sandy beaches, bustling waterfronts at the bay areas and beautiful vineyards are a few of the attractions you can find at this place. Known as the Mother City, it is not hard to see why it is ranked as one of the beautiful cities on a global scale. It is also known as a foodie destination. Hence, if you love to try new cuisine that has flavors incorporated from a colonial and French past that is what you will get in this city.

The mountains that surround Cape Town are flat and appear larger than life, a reason why they are called Table Mountains. It has rich flora and fauna to showcase with over 9000 fynbos species to be found here. That is not the only natural attraction here. Within the city limits you will find the Company’s Gardens, Green Point Park and Kirstenbosch Gardens, which are mini versions of Central Parks in the city.

If you drive out of the city limits the drive to Chapman’s Peak is a scenic experience. As it takes you along the Atlantic Coast, you will be enjoying stopping by Hout Bay, where a fishing village greets you by the Mount Sentinel. You can plan to stay at a resort by the Clifton and Camps Bay, where beaches are lined by palm trees and the turquoise waves splashing against the beach can be viewed forever. It is also called Little Miami with four coves lying between granite boulders where beach activities, eateries and shacks are present.

The beaches have distinct cultural vibes to offer. For instance, if you stop by Simons Town the Boulders Beach here has three thousand penguins. You can take a boat trip to the V&A waterfront where visitors can go to Robben Island and visit the site where Nelson Mandela had been imprisoned. With bright and colored beach huts that litter Muizenberg, there are Victorian style restorations to check out at Seapoint and Greenpoint. You can also stay at City Bowl and enjoy the nightlife here. To ensure that you have captured the region in its full flavor, do not forget the vineyards here.

Dar Es Salaam Gives You Amazing Access To Tanzania

If you wish to explore Tanzania then there is no city more ideal to plan a stopover than Dar Es Salaam. It started as a small fishing village at Mzizima which has disappeared nearly but remnants of it can still be found by the waterfront. This seaside city will find quaint, villages that dot the waterfronts and fishermen who barter with street vendors at the local marketplaces. This is one flavor of Dar Es Salaam as are other more modern and urban flavors to experience.

It is known to be the capital city of the country and its cultural and commercial activities are varied. If you are a traveler here you will be spoilt for choice with the accommodation options that are open for you. The people who live here have roots in African, Arabic and Indian communities.  The city also has international and ethnic cuisine offerings. Visitors who stop by at the museums will find interesting cultural and historical insights at these places.

The Oyster Bay district is particularly affluent and trendy. Here also you will find the beautiful beaches of the city. Besides the beaches and city based attractions comprising of interesting eateries and nightlife destinations, this place also serves as a gateway into the natural wonders of the country such as Zanzibar islands, Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Serengiti with its renowned National Park. If you stay back and explore the city further, you will find its cosmopolitan and chaotic urban air lined with the communal flavors of the people who live here. Experience the local culture and walk the streets, try the street food or simply watch the crowds that throng the marketplaces.

You can head to the Northern Safari Circuit from here, which leads to Serengeti National Park. One can also witness the spectacle that is found at the Ngorongoro Crater, which you can combine with a climb up to Mount Kilimanjaro. After your stay in the city for a while you can head to the coast or visit the Zanzibar Islands. If you go further south of the country, there are the Ruaha Game and Selous Reserves to be found.